Pumps and pumping systems have multiple applications in power plants and can be located in several locations throughout a facility. These pumps are generally centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Centrifugal pumps use an impeller to move fluid through the application process, with the velocity of the rotating impeller imparting energy on the liquid, causing a rise in pressure proportional to the fluid’s velocity. Positive displacement pumps move liquid with pressure generated from resistance to movement of the liquid downstream of the pump. The liquid being handled usually determines which pump technology to use. Some of the leading manufacturers and service companies for pumps serving the power generation industry are featured here.

Sulzer Launches New CPE End-Suction, Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump

Sulzer’s new CPE ANSI process pumps are specifically designed to exceed the strictest energy regulations for all industries as well as the requirements of ASME B73.1. With revolutionary hydraulics and high efficiency, they offer low lifecycle costs. The new CPE pumps meet the process requirements in a variety of industrial applications, and are suitable for use with clean or slightly contaminated liquids, viscous liquids of up to 3,000 centistokes, and fibrous slurries with a consistency up to 6%. Sulzer’s engineering of the new range of CPE pumps can bring cost savings, along with improved reliability and reduced risk for unplanned shutdowns thanks to optimization of the shaft sealing. Heavy-duty rigid bearing units ensure a long bearing life and further protection against unexpected shutdowns. The new pump design brings higher efficiency that translates into lower energy consumption. Coupled with this, the high standardization, easy installation, and robust construction also equate to lower maintenance and operating costs. Sulzer, Winterthur, Switzerland


Flowserve’s SIHI Vacuum Pump Line Improves Productivity

Flowserve’s SIHI Dry and SIHI Boost vacuum equipment are part of the company’s flagship SIHI vacuum pump line, designed to improve productivity. Flowserve SIHI liquid and vacuum pumps, compressors, and systems are at work in some of the world’s harshest environments. The SIHI brand is known for safe, reliable, and robust performance, with models designed to be rugged, reducing lifecycle costs and requiring minimal maintenance, with low downtime and power consumption. The SIHI Dry vacuum pump can be controlled from customers’ programmable logic controller or by integrally mounted electronic control packages. It can accommodate corrosive gases and vapors, and has superior resistance to heat-accelerated deposition. It is a good choice for industrial processes where there is a high possibility of liquids or solids being carried over into the pump. The SIHI Boost delivers a 100:1 compression ratio instead of traditional 10:1. It provides quicker evacuation at deep vacuum levels with less power and a smaller footprint. It is quieter, safer, and cleaner because it harvests the kinetic energy of heavier rotors that run five times faster than typical machinery. Its “Shock Venting” allows users to utilize the full capacity of the booster starting at atmospheric pressure. Flowserve, Irving, Texas

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KSB Pump Impeller Delivers Improved Suction Characteristics

The KSB Group has developed a special impeller for its Movitec multistage high-pressure pumps. This new impeller significantly improves these pumps’ suction characteristics (net positive suction head value). The impeller is particularly suited to applications with critical inlet conditions (such as boiler feed applications) as well as applications in which the pump is required to take in water from low-lying tanks or at higher temperatures. Under these conditions, a pressure drop in the intake area may cause cavitation to occur in the first pump stage. This can result in excessive wear of pump parts or motor bearings as well as a reduced service life of the pump due to damaged parts and an unbalanced hydraulic system. The new impeller is offered as an alternative to the standard product. When developing the new impeller, KSB’s design engineers went to great lengths to ensure it can be used with a number of Movitec variants without necessitating modifications to the outer pump casing. The new impeller features a modified inlet diameter, vanes allowing a slightly diagonal throughflow, and a newly designed stage casing, all of which serve to substantially improve the pump’s net positive suction head curve. The multistage centrifugal pumps from the Movitec range are designed for handling fluids such as water, coolants, condensate, and mineral oils. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including industrial boiler feed installations in steam circuits. KSB, Frankenthal, Germany



Grundfos Booster Pumps Fit a Variety of Applications

Grundfos booster pumps are available in a wide range of materials and configurations to fit a variety of applications. Equipped with Grundfos pumps, the boosters meet changing capacity requirements with optimal efficiency. These fully integrated, all-in-one, packaged systems are designed to handle difficult applications with ease and accuracy. They also offer connectivity through the Grundfos Remote Management System, which allows users to monitor performance and optimize system settings from anywhere. Grundfos was the first pump manufacturer to create a multistage in-line pump, known as the CR pump. The CR range lets customers choose pumps to match system demands. The CR is available in 13 hydraulic sizes, four basic materials, and more than 1 million configurations. The CR design has all the durability that customers expect and unique features to ensure unsurpassed reliability: dry-running protection, a unique cartridge seal, and a full-titanium variant. From magnetic drives or air-cooled shaft-seal chambers and double shaft seals to special pumps for high-pressure performance and aggressive liquids, there is a CR for your unique requirements. Grundfos Pumps USA, Downers Grove, Illinois



Goulds Pumps Well-Suited for Power Industry

ITT Industrial Process offers a portfolio of brands in industrial pumps, valves, monitoring and control equipment, and plant optimization and efficiency systems. The ITT Goulds Pumps brand serves customers in several industries, including power generation. Goulds makes digital monitoring standard on every process pump and is a leader in mechanical pump design and the adoption of smart technologies. Goulds offers several pumps designed specifically for the power generation industry, including the Model 3600, the most modern axially split multistage pump in the world and ideally suited for boiler feed service. Vertical turbine and double-suction pumps can handle the most demanding condensate or circulating water needs. Sumps can be cleared with Goulds Pumps’ line of vertical or submersible sump pumps. Heavy-duty slurry pumps like the XHD, SRL, and 5500 are specially designed for flue-gas scrubbers and ash-handling services. To get superior mean time between failures, you need two things: optimum pump hydraulics and a robust pump structure. Goulds’ new i-FRAME housings delivers on the second point by providing a premium, robust housing with unique new and improved features. These i-FRAME bearing housings include a new patented one-piece design bearing housing for the ball-ball bearing arrangement, as well as the patent-pending split-bearing housing for the sleeve-ball and sleeve-tilt pad bearing arrangement. Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, New York



Gorman-Rupp Launches Line of Final Tier 4 Products

Gorman-Rupp has released additional priming-assisted Final Tier 4 engine-driven products to its line of industrial pumps. Included is the Prime Aire engine-driven model PA6H60-4045H FT4-ESP, a priming-assisted, environmental Silent Pump with auto-start that provides flows up to 2,700 gallons per minute and heads to 195 feet. This model is available in cast iron construction and is designed to pass solids up to 3 inches in diameter. It is powered by a Final Tier 4, liquid-cooled John Deere engine. The line also includes the Prime Aire engine-driven model PA4A60C-4LE2T FT4, priming-assisted pump with auto-start that provides flow up to 920 gallons per minute and heads to 133 feet. This model is available in cast iron construction and is designed to pass solids up to 3 inches in diameter. It is powered by a Final Tier 4, liquid-cooled Isuzu engine. Another Prime Aire engine-driven model is the PA4E71C-3TNV88F FT4-ESP, a priming-assisted, environmental Silent Pump with auto-start that provides flow up to 950 gallons per minute and heads to 120 feet. This model is available in cast iron construction, fitted with G-R Hard Iron, and is designed to pass solids up to 3 inches in diameter. It is powered by a Final Tier 4, liquid-cooled Yanmar engine. Each new Final Tier 4 model is available as a skid-mounted or trailer-mounted unit. The Gorman-Rupp Company, Mansfield, Ohio

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Rotary-Vane Vacuum Pump Sets Use Microprocessor Control System

The Gardner Denver Nash WITTIG WKP-WPSO vacuum pump sets are a combination of a rotary-lobe pump and an oil-lubricated rotary vane as a backing pump. The WKP-WPSO pump sets offer a small footprint and low power requirements. These vacuum pump sets use a microprocessor control system to provide exactly the amount of air needed by an application, delivering efficient and reliable performance. These pump sets work well for vacuum applications in the electric power industry. The pumps feature suction capacity from 1,177 to 10,593 standard cubic feet per minute, operating pressure from 7.5 to 75 Torr, and power from 76 to 149 horsepower. Gardner Denver Nash, Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Wastecorp Pumps Improve Fluid Handling Efficiency

Wastecorp offers high-performance pumps designed for raw water, wastewater pump stations, coal runoff pumps, cooling tower operation, and more. Wastecorp recommends its ISO-2858 chemical process pumps for handling decanted ash water. Its Mud Sucker single- and double-diaphragm pumps handle coal slurry and runoff pumping. The Turbo Flow multistage and split-case pumps, which are condensate and turbine pumps, handle boiler feed applications. Cooling tower applications are served by the WES Series end-suction product line and Trash Flow pump series. Wastecorp also offers raw water intake pumps, and its split-case pump series offers hundreds of alternatives for cooling water and auxiliary cooling water, river water service, and circulation pumping services. Wastecorp Pumps USA, Grand Island, New York