BIRNS introduced what it is calling the “world’s most advanced, seismically qualified (per IEEE-344) emergency lighting solution” for nuclear containment: the BIRNS Emergency Light Fixture-LED. The slim-profiled, wall-mounted system provides in excess of 24 hours of continuous, brilliant LED light in the case of power loss in nuclear power facilities and is capable of withstanding a major earthquake. It has a mirror finish and stainless steel construction that’s impervious to humidity, acids, and other corrosives and is simple to clean.

The lighting system features an advanced integral-sealed voltage regulator, rechargeable maintenance-free batteries, and fuses that can be replaced in 60 seconds. Its LED light fixtures have 50,000-hour lamp lives, with a low 10-W power draw. With seven conduit knockouts and a wide voltage input range, the system can be tailored for custom applications with up to three lampheads. (