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EPA Projects Final ‘Good Neighbor Plan’ Will Result in 14 GW of Coal Retirements
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on March 15 issued the final “Good Neighbor Plan,” its latest iteration of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) that could require coal, oil, or…
GE Developing 18-MW Offshore Wind Turbine
The global competition to build ever-larger offshore wind turbines continues to ramp up, with General Electric (GE) announcing the company’s renewable energy arm is developing a 17- to 18-MW model…
Enel and Newcleo Agree to Partner on New Gen-IV Small Modular Reactors
The Enel Group and nuclear technology company newcleo signed an agreement under which they will work together on Generation-IV (Gen-IV) nuclear technology projects. Under the deal, Enel will collaborate with…
BWRX-300 Becomes First SMR to Clear Two Phases of Canadian Nuclear Design Review
GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy’s (GEH’s) BWRX-300 design has cleared the first two phases of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) Vendor Design Review (VDR) process, marking a first for a small…
Solar Energy Caught in Crosshairs of New Legislation
The solar power industry seems to be caught in the crosshairs of competing legislative agendas. The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) created incentives to increase solar capacity via tax credits,…
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Vogtle 3 Reaches Initial Criticality, Marking Pivotal Nuclear Startup Milestone
Vogtle 3, one of two 1,117-MW Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactors Southern Nuclear Operating Co. is building in Georgia, has reached initial criticality. The event marks a pivotal milestone for the…
NV Energy Adding Two Gas-Fired Units Near Las Vegas
Nevada utility NV Energy is ready to add two natural gas-fired units to the existing Silverhawk Generating Station as part of the group’s plan to increase the state’s energy supply…
The POWER Interview: IRA, Economics Support Solar-Plus-Storage Market
Several executives in the energy industry have spoken with POWER in recent months about how utility-scale solar power projects benefit from the addition of energy storage. Many have noted how…
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Energy Sustainability: The Emerging and Effective Use of Hydrogen
Climate change and the dangers posed to the environment by increasing levels of CO2 have led to a greater focus on a non-polluting energy source: renewable hydrogen. Described as the…
Ukraine Group Completes First Phase of Wind Farm Despite Ongoing War
Ukrainian energy company DTEK Group said it has finished construction of the first 114 MW of a planned 500-MW wind farm in the country, as DTEK continues to work on…
Help Wanted: Retirements and the Energy Transition Lead to Job Openings in the Power Industry
It seems like industry insiders have been lamenting the aging power workforce for decades. Yet, there is still a large percentage of workers in the current workforce that are retirement…
Microgrids Provide Reliable Power During Emergencies and Help Decarbonize the Grid
Microgrids are localized power grids that can be disconnected from the traditional grid to operate autonomously. Because they are able to operate while the main grid is down, microgrids can…
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Industry Press Releases
U.S. energy storage market continues to expand rapidly

GE Hitachi BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactor Achieves Pre-Licensing Milestone in Canada

Hitachi Astemo Hanshin Installs Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Voith Hydro and STRUCINSPECT advance monitoring of hydropower civil structures

Chevron Refreshes and Optimizes Grease Product Line

Using GE’s Aeroderivative Technology, Taiwan Power Company’s Tung Hsiao Power Plant Adds 180 Megawatts to Enhance Electricity System Reliability in Taiwan

PJM Paper Adds to Reliability Warnings
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