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Nuclear Power, Electrification, and Carbon-Free Fuel Are Key to INL Achieving Net-Zero by 2031
In 2021, Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Director John Wagner set a lofty goal for the lab to achieve net-zero carbon emissions within 10 years. An uninformed observer might think that…
NERC Identifies Energy Policy as Key Risk to Grid Reliability Amid Evolving Challenges
The North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) will for the first time consider “energy policy” among five significant evolving and interdependent risks to grid reliability. In its latest biennial ERO Reliability…
Hydrogen Production, SMRs Touted for Virginia Data Center Hub
Two companies supporting different technologies in the energy sector have formed a joint venture to develop an industrial park in Virginia that could feature data centers powered by hydrogen gas…
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Is there a clear link between growing renewable penetration and energy storage spreads?

This report examines trends in energy storage spreads across all seven US ISOs over the past five years, and explores four key fundamental drivers: renewable penetration, natural gas prices levels, diurnal net load shapes, and intra-day ramp rates. Given how growth in renewable production can lead to increased price volatility and frequency of hours with relatively low prices, one might expect to find a relationship between growth in renewable penetration and attractive energy storage spreads.

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Federal Funding Bolsters Saskatchewan's First Proposed 300-MW Nuclear Project
Canada’s federal government has committed C$74 million ($55 million) to support SaskPower’s potential deployment of a 300-MW small modular reactor (SMR) in the mid-2030s. Federal agency Natural Resources Canada on…
CPV, GE Vernova Bring 1.2-GW Gas-Fired Plant Online in Illinois
Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) said the company’s new 1.2-GW Three Rivers Energy Center in Illinois has entered commercial operation. The natural gas-fired facility, built in collaboration with GE Vernova’s Gas…
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Quebec Utility Mulls Restart of Mothballed Nuclear Reactor
A government-run Canadian utility said it is considering restarting a nuclear reactor that was shut down more than a decade ago, in an effort to support the supply of energy…
The POWER Interview: Addressing the Challenge of Electrification
The International Energy Agency says electrification “means replacing technologies or processes that use fossil fuels, like internal combustion engines and gas boilers, with electrically-powered equivalents, such as electric vehicles or…
Training Fossil Fuel Workers to Transition to Renewables Industry
Coal, oil, and natural gas have a long history as the world’s primary energy sources. Many communities have sprung up around mines and drilling sites, and generations of people have…
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How Utilities Can Balance the Growth of EV Charging Consumption
Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is proceeding faster than anticipated even a year ago. Recent projections say EVs could account for 30 to 42 million light-duty vehicles on U.S. roads in…
For EV Adoption, How Important Are Proposed EPA Vehicle Emissions Regulations?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in April of this year announced proposed regulations to tighten restrictions on tailpipe emissions for light and medium-duty vehicles and greenhouse gas emissions from…
How Do Power Companies Safeguard Against Winter Weather Challenges?
In February 2021, more than 4 million people lost power for days on end throughout Texas. The now-infamous outage resulted from extreme winter weather the state’s power grid wasn’t prepared…
Maximizing the Potential of Automated Metering
The writer Lewis Carroll famously said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” Well, the road the utility industry is currently on is…
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