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South Africa Will Add 3 GW of Gas-Fired Generation
An official with South Africa’s government said the country will accelerate its development of natural gas-fired power generation as energy shortages continue to be a challenge for the nation’s economy.…
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Here's How to Outsmart Varnish

Varnish has a way of sneaking up on you, gradually sticking to valves, coolers and other critical components as lubricants slowly degrade under extreme operating conditions. The result is unproductive downtime, costly maintenance and even equipment failure if not treated. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

See how GST Advantage™ turbine oils formulated with VARTECH® Technology can help stop varnish from forming and keep your equipment productively online and running smoothly.

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Consortium Exploring Ammonia Retrofit to GE Gas Turbines in Singapore
Singapore-based Sembcorp Industries, GE Vernova, and Japanese heavy industry firm IHI Corp. will jointly examine potentially retrofitting two GE 9F gas turbines at an 815-MW gas-fired combined cycle power plant…
U.S. Power Heavyweights Unveil Hydrogen Power-to-Power Demonstration
Duke Energy, GE Vernova, and Sargent and Lundy will team up on a pioneering project to demonstrate an end-to-end energy system that produces, stores, and combusts 100% renewable hydrogen at…
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Texas Utility Plans to Add New Gas-Fired Generation
A Texas utility that expects to bring another 228 MW of natural gas-fired power generation online in December also plans to begin operating an additional four gas-fired units over the…
ACES Delta's Hydrogen Electrolyzers Arrive in Big Boost for Hub's Progress
The much-watched Advanced Clean Energy Storage Hub (ACES Delta)—a project shaping up to be the largest renewable hydrogen energy hub in the U.S.—has received its first shipment of large-scale hydrogen…
Siemens-Led Group Completes Test of 100% Renewable Hydrogen in Gas Turbine
A consortium that includes power industry giants Siemens Energy and ENGIE said it completed what the group called the world’s first operational test of a gas turbine fueled with 100%…
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Mitsubishi Continues Coal-to-Gas Transition in Oklahoma, Also Adds Gas Turbine at Thailand Plant
Mitsubishi Power Americas will install a second 500-MW simple-cycle gas turbine at the Grand River Energy Center in Oklahoma, part of the Grand River Dam Authority’s (GRDA’s) plan to switch…
Understanding Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems and SCR Design Considerations
Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is an important emissions control technology utilized at many coal, biomass, waste-to-energy, and gas-fired power plants. Many items must be considered when designing SCR
Cold Weather: How to Maintain Power Plant Readiness and Reliable Operation
Extreme temperature and weather events have become more prevalent in the past decade. The December 2022 Christmas freeze in the southeast U.S. saw many areas experiencing single-digit temperatures. The February…
The Value of NDT in Power Generation Asset Management
Nondestructive testing (NDT) blends quality assurance and materials science. It is used to inspect and evaluate materials, components, and assemblies without destroying their serviceability. In the power
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NETL Shared Expertise at University Turbine Systems Research Review Meeting
NETL researchers played key roles in a national meeting at Penn State University that focused on advancing the design and operation of gas turbines in support of the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management’s (FECM) Advanced Turbines Program goals.
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The Number of Operating U.S. Natural Gas Rigs Has Declined 24% Since Start of 2023
On October 20, the Baker Hughes Company reported 118 natural gas-directed rigs were active in the United States, a decrease of 38 rigs since the start of 2023. The decline in active drilling rigs coincides with lower natural gas prices for most of 2023, compared with relatively high natural gas prices for most of 2022.
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Small South Dakota High School Boasts Nine Alumni Who Went on to Lead Co-ops
It might not be Hollywood High School, the alma mater of dozens of famous entertainers, but the electric cooperative community has its own launching pad: a small rural high school in South Dakota.
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