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How Biden’s Presidency Could (Further) Transform the Power Sector
Joe Biden on Nov. 7 clinched the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, barring Donald Trump’s prospects for a second-term. Almost immediately, reactions from various parts of the…
2020 Voters Cement Nevada’s 50% RPS, Shakeup of Energy Oversight in New Mexico
Though vote-counting continued in the tight presidential race on Nov. 5, voters in Nevada and New Mexico appear to have made headway on crucial energy initiatives on the ballot.  Nevada…
Australia Launches Gas Strategy to Revitalize Power Sector
In a bid to spur economic activity and thwart a COVID-19–related downturn, Australia’s government in September set out a strategy to reset domestic power and gas priorities to tamp down power prices and
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Gas Engine Reliability Through Used Oil Analysis

This white paper, “Gas Engine Reliability Through Used Oil Analysis,” takes a close look at proper oil sampling procedures needed for reliable data trending, and the results you may expect to find. Furthermore, this paper explores Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP), the method used to identify and quantify the different elements found in a used oil analysis report and what these can mean for the health of your engine.

Understanding California's Rolling Blackout Problem
In mid-August, the western U.S. experienced some of the most extreme heat it has encountered in recorded history. Temperatures in some locations were up to 20F above normal. During the hot spell, California
How to Examine Generators with Visual Inspection Robots
Inspecting generators has always been a time-consuming and expensive job, yet one that needs to be done at regular intervals. An impressive new visual inspection robot can save owners many days of unnecessary
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Safer and More Efficient Gas Turbine Coupling Maintenance
In the past, routine maintenance on the General Electric (GE) 7FA-class gas turbine coupling was time-consuming, costly, and presented unnecessary safety risks for service technicians and plant maintenance
Follow the Money—Considering Climate in Energy Investment
Arguments continue about the impacts of climate change, but there’s little debate when it comes to where banks and other investors are putting their money. Shareholders and institutional investors are
Advantages of AI-Powered Asset Management for Utilities
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become major factors in nearly every industry, and have increasingly become more popular among utilities. Automated technology is being used to inspect
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Industry Press Releases
Guangdong Energy Group Awards Contract to GE and Harbin Electric Corporation for HA Technology to Boost China’s Greater Bay Area’s Transition from Coal to-Gas Power

GE Announces the Opening of a New Aeroderivative Turbine Center in Perth, Australia

Indianapolis Power & Light Company names energy industry leader Kristina Lund as president and CEO

ABB introduces first comprehensive gas leak detection solution for utilities to help safeguard city populations

Ecolab Completes Its First Major Equipment Installation Enabled by Mixed Reality at U.S. Energy Plant

GE Helps Maxim Power Corp Safely Switch from Coal-to-Gas Power to Support Canada’s Coal Phase-Out Plan
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