Aberdeen, UK–based casing and completion technology specialist Deep Casing Tools launched the Turbocaser Express, what it calls the “first ever drill-through tool to ensure casing to target depth, allowing wells to be drilled as planned and enhancing integrity.” After reaming a casing to target depth, the Turbocaser Express has a unique, patented internal design that can be drilled through in minutes with standard drill bits after normal cementing, in one cost-effective operation.

The firm says that drillers face an ever-increasing demand to run casings to greater depths and at higher angles, and that tools enabling drilling teams to land down hole assemblies at target depth the first time can decrease drilling costs. Manufactured as a single body from high-strength steel, the Turbocaser Express is a rugged and reliable down hole tool that can ream casings through obstructions. It is also fully high-pressure/high-temperature compliant and works with any drilling fluid without deterioration in power output, reliability, or performance. (http://www.deepcasingtools.com)