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Upward Mobility

The Max Climber 2000P-IPM rack and pinion personnel and material elevator by Beta Max Inc. uses little space while providing a safe and efficient means of access for workers performing maintenance work at high levels. The Max Climber 2000P-IPM easily attaches to scaffolding or a building exterior and is designed with a base system footprint […]


A Documenting Calibrator

The latest documenting process calibrator from Beamex is the MC4, a compact-sized device that calibrates various process parameters, such as pressure and temperature, and then automatically stores results in the MC4’s memory. The instrument data can also be sent from computer to MC4, or calibration results can be uploaded from the MC4 to a computer […]

Siemens and AREVA to Break Up Nuclear Joint Venture

German powerhouse Siemens AG on Monday said it would shed its 34% stake in the Franco-German joint venture AREVA NP S.A.S., citing a “lack of exercising entrepreneurial influence within the joint venture” as the reason behind the move.

New Green-Credentialed Chief at FERC’s Helm

Amid his string of new nominations, President Barack Obama last week named Jon Wellinghoff acting chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Wellinghoff—a Democrat—has been one of FERC’s five commissioners for the past three years.

Atomstroiexport to Build Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant

Belarus, the country worst affected by the 1986 nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine, last week moved forward with plans to build its first nuclear power plant, naming Russian company Atomstroiexport to build it.

UAE Signs Nuclear Cooperation Agreements with Japan and the U.S.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), an oil-rich region that is preparing to accommodate a 9% annual growth in power consumption, last week signed separate agreements with the U.S. and Japan for the potential development of nuclear power.