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Politics plagues pollution plans

Enforcement and (re)interpretation of the Clean Air Act’s new source review (NSR) rules will likely come into focus later this year as many of the key lawsuits against electric utilities are resolved. "It’s going to be a big year for NSR whether you’re a litigator, regulator, lawmaker, or member of the industry," says Tom Sansonetti, […]


Gas-fired tomatoes

Abating the emissions of power plants is a very hot topic these days. So it’s not surprising that people are coming up with innovative ways to not only cut emissions but also make money from them. The latest brainstorm comes from—where else—the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where Moshe Alamaro, an atmospheric scientist, has come up […]


Big batteries blooming

Several advanced battery technologies tailored for utility applications have doffed their white coats and donned hard hats. These new bulk energy storage devices, which can almost instantly shave peaks and shift loads, are the answer to the dreams of T&D system designers and operators. Finally, years of R&D in electrochemistry are beginning to pay dividends in the field.