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Net Metering and Time-Variant Rates Drive Solar Power and Energy Storage Growth [PODCAST]

Nevada law has included net metering provisions for more than 20 years. Net metering is an arrangement that allows energy generated by a customer’s leased or purchased solar system to offset monthly power bills. It also permits excess energy supplied to the grid to earn credits, which are then automatically applied to future billing periods […]

POWER Podcast art-final

The POWER Podcast

The POWER Podcast Archive: Net Metering and Time-Variant Rates Drive Solar Power and Energy Storage Growth Distributed Energy Systems Are Reliable Solutions Power Industry Continues to Face Uncertainty and Change Resource Diversification a Key for TVA Watts Bar 2: The Long and Winding Road to Completion Cogeneration Solution Serves Processing […]


The 4M Approach to a Connected Plant

Technology is being incorporated into operations and maintenance schemes at an ever-increasing pace. New digital tools are helping optimize assets, improve performance, and reduce overall costs. Big Data Best

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Market Barriers Eased for Energy Storage Resources

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) adopted a final rule on February 15 (Order No. 841) that facilitates the direct participation of electric storage resources in centralized markets operated by

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Coal Rebound Is Vital to Local Economies

In President Trump’s State of the Union address, he said, “We have ended the war on American energy, and we have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal.” It’s safe to say that things have gotten better


What’s Next for the Clean Power Plan?

“The Trump administration is listening to the people of Wyoming,” remarked Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. His comment referenced a

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Pressing Forward with Vogtle, a Nuclear MVP

Georgia wasn’t looking for an award or recognition when we set out to build new nuclear reactors in our state. Yet, we now find ourselves as the last team on the field as our commissioners unanimously voted

It doesn't matter whether you are a Soldier, Army civilian, female or male, you could be a victim of sexual harassment or assault. In the event you are a victim of harassment or assault, do you know what steps you need to take to report an incident? The answer depends on whether you are a Soldier or an Army civilian. (U.S. Army photo by Timothy L. Hale/Released) (Photo Credit: Timothy Hale)

Changing the Power Industry Culture

The news has been filled with high-profile sexual harassment cases recently. Although more women seem to be coming forward lately to tell their stories and bring misconduct to light, it’s far from a new