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2.	Coal, as required by federal policy. Coal fuels the 1,300-MW Seminole Generating Station in Putnam County, Fla., providing more than half of the cooperative’s power. The plant was built when the Power Plant and Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978 banned all new oil- or gas-fired generating facilities. Courtesy: Seminole Electric Cooperative

Seminole Electric Cooperative Sees Big Challenges from Clean Power Plan

Florida’s Seminole Electric Cooperative faces what may be the most difficult generation transition in the nation as a result of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. One of the nation’s largest generation and transmission rural electric cooperatives, Seminole owes its origins and its current position primarily to a single coal-fired plant. When electric utility veteran […]


Goldilocks, Ozone, and Obama’s EPA

There’s an old saying in Washington that when everyone is upset, you’ve probably done something right. By that measure, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) latest update to the National


UK Axes CCS Competition, Puts Two Big Carbon Capture Power Projects at Risk

The UK has canceled its flagship £1 billion ($1.5 billion) competition to help commercialize carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology from power plants. The decision by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) was announced in a three-sentence release to the London Stock Exchange just days before crucial climate change negotiations are due to […]

Entergy's Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant in Vernon, Vt. Source: NRC

Cheap Gas Is Killing Nuclear Power, and the Outlook is Grim

Another month, another premature nuclear plant retirement. About two weeks ago, Entergy finally threw in the towel on the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Scriba, N.Y., a move that came as a surprise to exactly no one who has been paying attention to the merchant nuclear business in the U.S. the past few […]


CSAPR Update Proposed for 23 States in Eastern U.S.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Nov. 16 proposed updates to the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) with the intent of reducing NOx emissions from power plants in the eastern half of the U.S. The proposed CSAPR update identifies cuts in power plant NOx emissions in 23 states. The EPA said these cuts can be […]


Germany Lays a New Foundation for Electricity Market

The cabinet of Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition has endorsed changes to the German electricity market, ensuring their passage into law. “This is the largest reform of the electricity market since the energy markets were liberalised in the 1990s, and it will make the electricity market fit for the 21st century,” said Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel. […]

The White House. Source: Commons

Experts: Nuclear Power Must be Expanded to Limit Climate Change

Several experts, meeting in Washington on Nov. 6 for the White House Summit on Nuclear Energy, agreed that more nuclear power is needed if the world hopes to minimize the effects of climate change and limit the increase in average temperatures around the globe. The Two-Degree-C Scenario William D. Magwood IV, director-general of the Organisation […]